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February 05, 2004


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oooookay. if you are speaking to youngsters that would be reading your page (i.e., spring chickens in law school, or maybe a bit younger), well then we are all quite old enough to know exactly who the talking heads are. our memories are not culturally barren of artifacts from the 80s. that was our childhood!

i like the opinion for a different reason: it uses "profligate," my favorite word. :)



Point noted! (I like your weblog, by the way.)


Thanks! :)



Spotted one! 'pull up the roots' (in paragraph 1) is track 8 on Speaking In Tongues.


Thanks, Matt. I might have to put that reference in bold-faced type.

As with Alice just above, I like your blog. I was going to tell you in an e-mail, but I can't find your e-mail address. Are you cut off from the world, or am I too stupid to figure out your blog?

Joe Bendik

Byrne would love this. CBGB lives on.


Legal opinions are often initially drafted by law clerks (after preliminary instructions or a skeleton of the opinion by the judge) before being reworked by the judge. Possibly the judge did not even know these allusions were being inserted.

Jsk Eid


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