How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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TPB, Esq.

I hope to all things good and true that writers like Ford can understand. I need them to be able to understand. If not, then writing, to be true, must be insular. It becomes only true when written of one's self, and then read by one's self (for how can a reader understand what a writer means? he's not that writer!).

Writers - good writers - must be capable of making us believe that they can dive into the minds and lives of others and bring to the surface a semblance of those lives.

Sarah Trombley

At the climax of the story, this all the lawyer-character has to say about “the law"

Surely that should be "this *is* all" or the equivalent...


Sarah: How could I leave out an entire word? That's where you come in, I guess. I'll send you an e-mail.

Meanwhile, I want to respond to TPB of unbillable hours (who posted a comment here and something on his blawg) and Sherry of Stay of Execution (who also continued the discussion on her blawg). Don't know when--sometime soon I hope.


Why should fiction writers be allowed to channel anyone?

I'm a sailmaker. If a fiction writer should put words in the mouth of a sailmaker about sailmaking, why should I think that has anything to do with me?

Your translation is way off. Relax. Inhale.


Welcome, Win. I know who you are. The blogosphere needs more sailmakers. (Though I'm getting tired of that word "blogosphere." As I see it -- ah, forget it ... More inhaling ... More relaxing.)

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