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Thanks to my former partner for the concept and the joke. I'm also glad he's a reader.


I've got five bucks that says he won't pitch to the left side of the plate.

*rim shot*



I really, really want to go and protest that c#$k-s#$king son of a bitch. But given that the free speech zone will probably be in East St. Louis, I think I'll go to class instead.


Ah, musclehead, you've reintroduced East St. Louis to the blawg. Why is this important? As a regular reader, you surely know that it is my fervent wish that the judges of the MDL Panel will hold one of their MDL hearings in East St. Louis, where a perfectly good federal courthouse sits waiting for them. (For details, see the archives of the "His Honor" category.) Since you are a local, perhaps you can assist me in coming up with some fun things to do with the judges while they are here. Hockey, football, baseball--we have the full assortment of sports in St. Louis. But what about a darts tournament for the judges at Blueberry Hill? Please give it some thought.

Meanwhile, musclehead, I sense from your comment that you are somewhat irritated at our President. You should know that this blawg is a "politics-free" zone. I try never to insult politicians on this blawg, whether they are elected by the citizens or appointed for life. If my post about the President and the First Amendment seemed critical, it wasn't. I hate the First Amendment. I agree it should be thrown out, along with the entire Bill of Rights. Only then will I feel safe in this great nation of ours.


What visit to the area would be complete without a trip to PT's, Pops or The Oz?
I could show them around McLaw Hall, too. And the Hill. How could we not go to the Hill for some Italian and Ted Drewes?
I would like to take the President to East STL just to, you know, introduce him to some of his constituents.

Kevin Heller

Here's the pitch.

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