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TPB, Esq.

Greatest legal movie ever made (unless you prefer Mockingbird).

I like Voelker's reasoning behind the pseudonym.


The ethical cruxt of the movie was that if there was a defense based upon the facts, be sure to tell you client about the defense, then let them think about such for awhile, before asking them what occurred. Let me provide the law school example: "If you kill someone because you caught him reaching his hand into your cookie jar, the law says you had a right to do so. Now, please tell me exactly how you were found in the kitchen, standing over the body, holding the murder weapon, and the cookie jar did not happened to be broken."


Oh, and best legal movie ever made has to be "My Cousin Vinny." ;)


Tiger: I really didn't remember the ethical issue that the movie was supposed to illustrate in class, but after I read your comment it sort of came flooding back to me--what you said, I think that was it. But I also think the issue was illustrated mostly in only one scene in the movie, if I'm remembering correctly . . .

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