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Congratulations! You and Andrea must be very proud. Expecting the birth of your future junior partner, only to be surprised by the birth of a future senior partner in an appropriately named law firm: Samuel Lamere Schaeffer. As expected, you remain the junior partner in this expanding practise.

David Giacalone

Thanks for sharing the good news with your cyber family, Evan. Congratulations to you and Andrea, and best wishes to Samuel!

Please don't tell Samuel that the guys will always be junior partners in your family firm.

Now, get back to the beautiful mommy and baby, and get some sleep.

Carolyn Elefant

Congratulations! Such great news. And you will soon discover that babies bring with them a spate of good fortune for the law firm. It's happened to me with both my daughters (jury victory and large attnys fees award with the first, very lucrative appellate matter with the second) and it's a phenomenon that's been confirmed by many of my colleagues. It's just another bonus of what in itself is already a pretty amazing gift.

Kevin Heller

Congratulations and best wishes! Enjoy some time away -- we'll all be here when you return!

George Wallace

The very, very best to the entire Lamere Schaeffer family. Long life and happiness to you all.

Now if we can just get the federal MDL Panel to East St. Louis, your success in life will be complete. . . .


Thanks much to all of you for your kind words, which are much appreciated.


A little late to the party, but wanted to add my congrats to the mix. Mazel tov to the entire Lamere/Schaeffer/Legal Underground clan.

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