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November 30, 2004


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Surf serendipity sent me from Legal Reader's blurb yesterday on lawsuits in China, to other exotic ports of call, and then back to my neighborhood Underground cafe, where Evan Schaeffer wonders [Read More]


Federalist No. 84

Too bad your fat friend did not move to LA. He would not have been fat: He would have been "big boned." After all, a big wallet in LA is what matters most to most.

Federalist No. 84

Evan, I suspect you'll delete the above comment. I wonder if the comment was a hoax? Anyhow, the writing was not half bad, if not a bit verbose, and the statements of relevant law were impressively researched. I copied the text of the comment into Word (16 pages). I'm going to retain it for inclusion in my library because some of the pin cites and rule statements were dead one. Hell, even the organization of the memo is something to mimic.

After receiving thousands of pieces of spam, I finally found a piece worth while.


Federalist: You're right, I did delete that odd bit of comment spam or whatever it was. I happened to be online right when it showed up, so I deleted it immediately. I have no idea how you happened to see it.


Federalist, I was a fat lawyer in LA. I don't recommend it. LA is even less tolerant of fat than Southern Illinois, and a six-digit lawyer's salary isn't a big enough wallet to overcome that.

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