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Like NPR, but, you know, utterly pointless. I made it half way through. The point of a blog, to me, is the writing. Audio blogging is the first step in the inevitable clebritizing of blogging. I can see it now, the E True Hollywood Story of Howard Bashman. Followed by a VH1 Behind the Blogs profile of Energy Spatula following her fifth marriage and third trip to rehab. No thanks. I'll take the literate. Or in my case the semi-literate.


Rufus: You have a point, but don't allow my own experimental podcasting spoil the whole genre for you. As I say on the podcast probably after you stopped listening, I think podcasts are great for (a) music and (b) interviews. As an example of the former, try Coverville; as an example of the latter, try Denise Howell's second podcast. Both are linked above.

The problem with podcasts are that they're hard to edit. There's no way to make them shorter once they're posted. I'm going to continue experimenting, but only with interviews and short "word of the day" posts. I'm not going to read entire posts, as Craig Williams does, because my writing style varies too much to make that work; and I'm not going to do posts like this one because it's too difficult if you're not a radio professional who's used to speaking off the cuff.


I listened to everything but the technical notes. I agree that this would be an awesome way to do an interview on a weblog. Hell, if I weren't so lazy, I would do my 20Q feature this way.

Alas, I am lazy. Too lazy to finish this com


I turned it on and then wandered off to get stuff done around the house. Sort of like NPR, I guess, listening with one ear. Whereas in written form, I would have read the whole thing, foregoing listening in class.

Love the word of the day, though.


I'm not sure what you're thanking me for, but you're welcome. :)


Form follows content.

There are situations where audio blogging or podcasting adds value to the experience. Interviews and musical accompaniment are but two examples where the technology enables an enhanced experience, or a new experience entirely.

Another good example of the use of audio blogging is demonstrated by the current posts of BBC reporter and blogger, Stuart Hughes, who is blogging from Kathmandu and the Annapurna mountain range via satellite phone; overcoming the challenges of blogging without a computer and trekking in Nepal without a leg lost to a landmine in Northern Iraq.

energy spatula

Rufus! The five husbands thing might be deserved (sorta), but I've never even smoked a cigarette...I don't think I'm going to end up in rehab! Geez! God, I don't read the comments around here for a day and I'm like the next Liza Minelli or Drew Barrymore (please god, Drew and not Liza) all of the sudden.


Sam's a very cute guy. How about an MP3 from him?

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