How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Jesus, I think it would be easier to feel sorry for an investmet banker coke head. Good Lord, not that I would choose his path, mainly because it is solitary, but yes, in the end, I am sure it is really hard to write a novel based on three months, at least in the way that he is trying to do it. Note, what the hell did he expect?

Eh Nonymous

Ah, Stan. Your sweet warblings and mild-mannered witticisms enliven our days, soothe our troubled brows, and ease us gently to sleep.

You're not secretly Rufus of RWL, are you? Because you do sometimes speak, um... intemperately? With needless vitriol?

Not that we mind it, coming from an eminent and highly respected guest-blogger-in-the-field such as yourself.

But, sometimes you're a bit over-the-top.

Say, do you know any of the folks you mentioned, the IBankers with the coke problems? If so, can you get one of them to guest-post your guest posts/ Stan Reports? I think it would be edifying. What do they think of lawyers, for example.

I, for one, miss Evan's Miss Manners posts answering the letters of the misbegotten, the misinformed, and the miserable. If you're still "receiving those letters," Evan, maybe you should "forward" them to another blogger willing to step up and give useful (entirely accurate) advice to the weary and downtrodden (and occasionally criminal and sometimes insane).


Well, Jeremy could be studying for the bar. Bet he would find the inspiration to write that novel then. I wish him the best of luck.


Eh Nonymous,

Actually, I am not Rufus. It is called Vodka. Terrible Affliction I know, but, what can you do.

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