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I love Firefox! I've used IE for the last 8 years, and I couldn't be happier to have made the switch last month. Infinitely more secure, and makes for better browsing overall, I think.


I like the tabbed browsing.


I generally use Firefox, but some web developers create sites that flat won't work on anything BUT IE. We have a lot of these at work, but that's work so I really don't worry about restricted browser options...

For me, the plug-ins and extensions are the best part. Someone has probably written a plug-in for just about anything you can think of. For example, there's a neat plug-in for Firefox, User Agent Switcher, that allows it to send the IE user agent to make the remote host think you're using IE. It works pretty well on most so-called "IE Only!" sites. There may be a few elements that don't work quite right, but it's been my experience that pretty much everything important works normally.

Outlook Web Access is a good example of this - the interface you get if you're not using IE on Windows is less than wonderful, but if you try to use the IE user agent on Firefox to get the better interface OWA flat doesn't work. It doesn't do anything spectacularly bad, it just throws out a whole lotta code in the browser window and is completely unworkable.

I'm interested to see how IE7's tabbed browsing and security improvements stack up.

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