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I'll trade my blog/podcast for a place in New Zealand.


Daryl: When I was in 3d grade, my class got "pen pals." Mine was from a Maori from New Zealand. We wrote a lot of letters during the next few years. I remember my penpal wrote much better than I did even though I'm pretty sure English was his second language. I spent a lot of time correcting his misperceptions about the U.S.--he thought that everyone had a swimming pool and often got robbed, misperceptions based on a trip to Las Vegas by one of his uncles.

His last name was Hipango; unforunately, I've lost our correspondence. Perhaps through the magic of search engines, we'll correspond again someday.

. . . (later)

Or perhaps not. I just remembered my pen pal's first name was "Waata." I did a search and found this: it refers to the death of Waata Hipango in 1999 at the age of 37. In 1999, I was 37. In other words, I'm the same age as the guy in the article. It's got to be my pen pal--even in grade school, he was writing about being in the Army. Other details also seem right.

That's too weird.


Evan - Wow! Thats the great thing about the Internet. It's easy to find out information. Its unfortunate and sad to find out that he died at such a young age.

Waata Hipango

Evan, my name is Waata Hipango, and I am the eldest son of your Penpal, my father Waata Hipango Snr. The uncle he refered to is Wilson, this might have been stated in the letters he sent you. He went to Wanganui Collegiate School, and I can assure you that English was his first language.

I am sorry to inform you that he did die in a car accident in 1999 in Singapore, after being in the Army for nearly 20 years. He even made Lt. Colonel.

I'd be happy to corrospond with you via email regarding this strange cooincidence. - I found this whilst looking for details about my name and my fathers.

wilson hipango

my name is wilson hipango i live in wanganui i just happened to find this site when i was surfing i noticed a wilson hipango mentioned and was wondering who you are talking it me.......????????


If you read the comments above, you'll see that "Wilson Hipango" was mentioned by Waata Hipango, whose father was also named Waata Hipango and who had an uncle named Wilson. If that's you, let me know.

I shared the story of my correspondence as a young boy with the elder Waata Hipango in this post.

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