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Nashville Nick

It's all good, and there's much more in the dueling blawging awards besides podcasts. So read them!

Evan, your recommendations are usually spot-on, but other than a friendship with DK, why would you send readers to that "awards show"? It was lamer than something a high-school kid (blogging about all of his, you know, like, really cool friends) would have written.

Nashville Nick

Just read the Blawg Review awards you linked to. It was actually pretty good. Not what I'd call democratic, but hey, I'd rather live under a benevolent dictator than fools in a democracy. (Of course, the ultimate question is whether any dictator can ever be benevolent, but that's neither here nor there.) The Blawg Review author actually linked to good blogs, instead of blogs written by his/her friends. What a concept!

I mean, if you're going to have an "awards show" like DK's, call it what it is: Blogs That My Really Cool Friends (And Me) Write, And That I Really Really Like. It's all good, dude. I love reading on weblogs about what people like and dislike. I looked at all the pictures from the Carey & Danis party. But pretending that Kennedy's awards show was anything above what a high-school kid would have written is almost as lame as the "awards show" itself.

Also, if DK is such a blogging expert, then his blog would be widely read. Where are his stats? They are hidden. (Or if they're public, I sure can't find them.) If I was a blogging expert (and a little bit taller), and had a big pimpin' blog with thousands of readers, I'd share the good news with the world. But when a so-called expert hides his stats, one has to wonder what's behind that virtual curtain...

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