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June 08, 2006


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I'm just a one of the little people--a blogger who has yet to achieve rock star status, so take this for what it's worth ;)--but I have to say--bravo. I truly enjoy your humorous posts.

Dave Barry, step aside. Evan Schaeffer's in the house.

Eh Nonymous

Wow, Evan.

A return to original form, and man was it crackling.

The bit about judicial signatures blew me away. Not attending any judicial conferences anytime soon, by any chance, are you? You could be the featured entertainment at the next Article III Judges' Retreat. For the 7th, or 8th or 9th Cir.

If it’s a lady judge, I just might give her a wink. “You know, your Honor, maybe we should adjourn to discuss that question in your chambers.”

Your honor, may I(t) please the court? ;)

Steve Bainbridge

Meet me at 4 PM on the playground and we'll see what's what.


Is that a Black's Law dictionary under your robe or are you happy to see me?

The Law Fairy

lol! Fantastic post and congrats, Evan! As someone with a much smaller blog (though I wouldn't quite call it crappy ;)) I only dislike the annoying famous bloggers. But you're not one of them.

Not to burst your DMV bubble, but -- it's actually entirely possible that your good looks DID help you out. The men may not realize this, but women look at hands all the time. Why? Wedding rings, my friends. And, by the way, not that this is directed at anyone here, but -- guys, if you've had time to think to hide them, we've already seen them :)

And I have to make one other random remark: I think Helen Gunnarsson is a FANTASTIC name for a lawyer/law student.


Hey Evan -- woo hoo!~ rockstar status. rock on. i mean, blog on.

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