How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Mark Lyon

They want you to accept their case. They will then have the "other party" suddenly agree to settle and then mail a check. You will deposit into your trust account and then send a wire transfer to your "client" before the other one clears. It will be dishonored, but the "client" has your cash.


I got the same e-mail from Jenifer this week (lawyer in Mississippi). Obvious scam but I wrote her back to ask what was the jurisdiction. She then sent me a pdf of a very amateurish LegalZoom type divorce agreement with no addresses and forged signatures of alleged attorneys James Fetterman and Mario Johnson. I replied with this link and told Jenifer to have a great day.

Melissa Brumback

What Mark said. They make it sound like a slam dunk easy case... then they play the float with a rubber check. I've heard of law firms (big, big ones) getting hit for several hundred thousand in this scheme!


Just for fun in responding to such a simplistic scam, ask for payment upfront of your legal fees.
They'll go away once you ask for payment first.

Antonio Cortes

Actually, AR, if you ask for payment up front, they will still send you the bogus check, so make clear in the tendered engagement letter that you are not their lawyer until an advance payment is received. I have the bogus check sitting here on the kitchen counter, and am waiting for the message to hurry up and wire some money. Will keep you posted on what they say in the next communication. Tony


I was baiting a scammer concerning a SLR digital camera I was selling. They actually wanted me to use a US address which put it in the jurisdiction of US law enforcement. I contacted the local police as well as the Post Office Inspector General since the scammer wanted me to ship it. Internet crime was being touted all over in Northern Cal where I lived yet no one was interested.

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