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i agree, i never gave them mine either!!


i tried to get limewier with my boyfriends card while he was at woke and next thing you know the bank on the phone saying 3 lots of money was taken out the bank. fair play to them for being on the ball, they stopped 2,but mp3netonline got there fist. never heard of them and cost us 33.97 could of been worse and its taught me a lesson.


so it must be through trying to get Limewire that this company takes your money! Thing is i used limewire last year and they took the correct money and i had an excellent service, also this time when i tried downloading it again i couldnt log on so i emailed them and they credited my card back straight away so im not too sure if Limewire actually have anything to do with this ip-mp3netonline.com! I have now downloaded Limewire 4.12 which is free, they do not ask for any credit card details!

micheline beaulieu

apres un bris d'ordinateur. J'ai perdu le logiciel imesh que j'ai paye le 5 fevrier 2007.je ne sais pas comment revenir sans paye d'autres frais.montant 55,71 DOLLAR US


au bris de mon ordinateur . J'ai perdu le logiciels imesh .com que j'ai paye avec ma cartede credit au montant de 55,71 dollar us .Total 67,12 .J'aimerais que vous m'aidie a revenir sur votre site sans frais


ive had 360 sharepro for about 6 months and it works perfect... i have about 100 song and downloads fast


WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU IDIOTS EXPECT TRYING TO STEAL MUSIC?DO YOU THINK IT GROWS ON TREES? whoever is stealing credit card info should dam well give it to the musicians benevolent society.There are lots of happy people listening to music that they payed for.You other thieves deserve exactly what this mp3net online is going to get.FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.YOUR FUCKING DEAD.

S.D Henry

Not a valid Domain! after clicking Techinical support prompt. Doh !!!! :( Knew this smelled funny.

BOGUS DUDE !!!!!!!really bogus..Cornucopia of a puter downloads.. NOT !!!!!the hurrier I go the...........Good Luck Folfs.. :)




I signed up for 360Share last year and paid for one year subscription. Woked perfect. Downloaded about 1000 songs. When my subsciption expired this year, I bought the lifetime version. They did charge me extra for the virus program that I did not want. I emailed them and they refunded the virus program charge back to my account. The 360SharePro version works just fine. Downloaded a bunch of songs already without any problems.
I've been using them about a year and half now and sar far, so good.


Don't see the fuss - have had 360 share pro for 6 months - paid what they said i would for a lifetime membership - and have never had a problem. all files download very quickly and have prob got about 800+ now.


And just for those of you who have problems with the connection, just go to http://www.360share.com/fix and you will find a step by step guide on how to uninstall and reinstall the program and hey presto - it works again! enjoy......!

Joos Annette

I have pay on the side witch my card ad IP-MP3netonline.com and i can't not find a site for my key or type pad Y pay ad (888)448-6889Kn33,45€

Joos Annette

Cant you nhelp my to find my key for free musik dowloaden I pay with my card to te number ( 888)448-6889KN

I pay from the 26/02/2007 €3345

Douglas Baillie

Signed up for 360pro and cannot access. Cost £13 so beware don't sign up. It's a SCAM


I have just 'downloaded' 360 sharepro and, surprise surprise, it didn't work at all. Nothing whatsoever when I tried to get in via the shortcut on my desktop.

I then panicked and did a search on Google and found this forum, amongst others, and have read all the comments about this company and find their behaviour utterly disgraceful and I can't believe I've been so stupid. I've informed my credit card company already and all they can suggest is keeping an eye on my credit card statements, that if any amounts, other than the one which 360 sharepro confirmed would be charged, are taken, then I must inform them so that they can launch an investigation.

I've already unisntalled anything to do with 360 sharepro from my computer, I didn't want to take any more risks. I have not had an opportunity to use their 'services' in any way, shape or form. If anyone has any way of contacting these idiots by e-mail then please let me know. I live in the UK so those toll free numbers are of no use to me, I'll probably end up paying more in phone charges than this initial sting. I've already drafted an e-mail which I would love to send to these people.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions please let me know, either via here or by e-mail.


j'ai payé AVEC VISA sur le site www-Téléchargez.com 49,32 EU à IP-MP3NETONLINE.COM, j'ai reçu mon mot de passe et ce site ne le reconnait pas! c'est une escroquerie de plus, je vais porter plainte.




I woke up this morning with the sound of my mums voice saying "i need help with this software that i bought" When i looked 360Share Pro i said to my mum "You Stupid Woman" i told her to ring up her credit card company now as its a scam and god knows what they can do with your credit card details.

So People have to avoid this Website, Which looks like its been going on for 3 Years.


Ive only been using sharepro for a couple weeks but its been great so far. burned CDs and put music on my chocolate phone. any problems i have had have been my stupidity (which my son has been able to resolve). we have about 200 songs in our library and a video. I love it!!! (so far!)


I purchased what I thought was limewire about a year ago. When I paid for it, nothing was sent to me, so I tried to cancel the payment through my credit card. The credit card company would only cancel the payment if I could prove due diligence in trying to obtain the product. So I found a phone number and ended up talking to someone. He told me that they had changed their software, and it was now called 360share pro. He sent me the program, which I downloaded. It worked until today. I ran a new spyware program, and suddenly, 360share pro doesn't work. Since I downloded from what I thought was a legitimate site, I can't fix the problem. I also like that running antispyware software erased the program. Anyways, I have to agree with the long list of people who say that they were ripped off.

New user

I have had pro Share 360 for 3 months now and was all going fine, paid for lifetime membership £24.00. Yet today, which is its 3rd month anniversary it just won't work, nothing, zilch, will not open at all. I have emailed them and am awaiting reply. We'll see ?????

New User

I have now had the same email as Posted by: Mike D. | January 17, 2007 and have done what they said and it now works perfectly well again.

Ralphie T.

I was about to download 360 sharepro, but i guess it sucks because of all these complaints. but my friend has it and she loves it because its so cheap and they have a million songs from it, so i dunno. :/ should i download?


I have had 360 Share Pro for a few months now...It has been working perfectly until now..We even got a discount because I thought I was downloading LimeWire instead and they gave us some money off just to keep us. *I cant remember the details..* Now I cant get it up..Nothing happens when I click on it. Its driving me mad :( Im not sure whether its just my Comp or theres some bugs or something..
What I do know is that if I have been scammed, my Mums gonna kill me :(


Hey....Katie & others who's 360sharepro isn't working all of a sudden.....I had the same problem as you so I checked into it & found it was a Java issue....I had just updated my Java to the newest version & that's when my problem arouse....I found this & followed the steps & it worked for me....let me know how it works for you....

Dear Customer,
Thank you for your email. Your startup issue is due to an older version of Java. Please follow the steps below:
1. Go to “Start” and then choose “Run”.
2. In the text box, type in “Control Panel” and press “Ok”.
3. Then double-click on the “Add or Remove Programs” icon.
4. After the list populates, scroll down to the programs starting with the letter, “J”. Please select any Java or J2SE program that may be in that list and click on change or remove button. This will uninstall your older version/s of java.
5. Follow the uninstall instructions until there is no “java” or “j2se” in the list.
6. Then restart your computer.
7.Once restarted, please click here to install the appropriate version of java --> http://www.themusicsmembersarea.com/downloads/jre-1_5_0_10-windows-i586-p-s.exe
If you continue to have issues accessing 360 Share Pro then let us know if you have any antivirus/firewall protection installed (Norton, McAfee, Zone-alarm, AOL), or any errors or messages you may have gotten.
If you do not know what protection you have, please tell us what icons you have to the left of the time/clock, located on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Place your mouse over each icon, and the name of the program will appear.
Also, please let us know if your internet connection is wireless and if you are at a home or office location.
Your Customer Service Team

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