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BIll Coates

I too found these postings after being ripped off. I read this weekend that the music industries are about to take Kazaa to court for illegal downloads. How would this affect easymusic. I signed up with them because paypal gave the green light. I wonder if the credit card companies could be done for aiding and abetting? I also seem to be beseiged by virus's at the moment.



Someone check with their credit card company for a billing address, and post it here.

Everyone who has been ripped off could pledge $5.00 into a results-driven petition.

When an genuine article appears in Yahoo News about the owners of this scam suffering from crushed legs and other permanent disfigurements, the money goes to the investigator to try to find who did it. Wink. Wink.


Hi all,..good to hear the input.
I have been subscribed to EMD for a few months--haven't had the problems others are having such as being routed to any other site, etc.
I have been able to download music (though still have 'defects' like slow speed even though I have DSL,...inconsistancy/interuuptions in download stream, inability to find rarer songs,etc.)
My main concern is LEGALITY. Can anyone shed some light on EMD's legal status??? Thanks!!


I just signed up to easymusicdownload.com. I am also now concerned about it's legality.


I signed up to MP3-freebie.com which was the first website to come up after entering "download music" at Google.

After registering I was sent a password and downloaded software called 360 Share Pro.

However after attempting to sign on to the site again the password they sent me was not accepted and subsequent requests for a replacement password have been ignored by MP3. I have sent two complaints to them and not received any reply.

The registration offer was 12 months subscription for $19.88. However they deducted $54 from my credit card for the cost of some spyware and Pro Version Upgrade - Music Codec Pack, both of which I didn't order.

As far as I'm concerned I WAS RIPPED OFF!!! and don't expect to receive any satisfaction from these scammers.

Please think twice before subscribing to MP3-freebie.com.



Durian Man

well, i have not learned. I got it from easymu know easydownload.com. I keep forgetting to research first before ever buying anything on the Net. An expensive lesson. What scares me is that they have my credit card info. They can perhaps sell that-or rebill. Also, if we complain they can just report us to the RIAA, in the instance of having downloaded any illegal music. They say they have a e-mail, but they don't. Once you join you learn it is a scam. I, also got charge for the extra goodies.

I suggest not using them-i mwean it is money lost, but you know they are probably keeping records of all we do.


360 SharePRO is a scam, I could not burn any songs, they bundles of software that you don't need. DO NOT GIVE ACCOUNT INFO, NOT WORTH IT.


360 SharePro is not worth any money. I paid for it expecting it to be great P2P software and it is not good for downloads. You will be redirected to another P2P site.


I also forgot to do research befor buying. They offer 24hour support but when you try to make contact all you get are dead links. Trouble is I payed in south african rands. Which means I paid six times more. In the first 3 days after downloading share pro I did manage to download about 30 songs but then it just went dead.

Shunika Johnson

I also joined easymusicdownload.com and it is a scam. I haven't been able to download anything. I want to know if there's any way that I can get my money back or take some legal action against the company that's doing this. Please, someone email me with some information concerning this matter. It is not fair that people can just rip people off that way.


I just stumbled upon this site..am reading all the bad stuff about your music download sites..I recently installed high speed internet and got share-pro....was using it quite readily, easy downloads, replays and all, tho I didn't try to burn anything yet...did't pay for a single song..I had about 40 songs, then suddenly my computer crashed...had to take it in to be repaired. The teck said I had all this spyware and viruses on it ...lost most of my programs....had to start redownloading my old programs....now share-pro wants me to pay for an account..I didn't before, couldn't figure out why I can't find the "free" site now... I'm wondering if share-pro caused all the problems??

Supremacy Claus

When the music industry sues American families and settles for $3000, to whom does the entire amount go. It sounds like a legal fee to start a claim. How much of these settlements go to artists or even record companies?

Copyrights themselves are solely to generate lawyer income. Very few applications in intellectual property make any money. All IP lawyers make great money.

Countries without this lawyer ripoff have growth rates 3 times ours. It is a scam from the 15th Century era of guilds. Countries that stopped IP and resumed it, experienced no deterioration of their econimies when IP was suspended for up to 10 years. They had good growth rates.

That makes sense. If you are going to be copied almost immediately, the only way to make money is to perpetually innovate with pleasing original works at a rapid fire pace.

I am interested in patenting the process of a precedent setting lawsuit concept. Then I would like to preclude its use by any potential infringer. Any problem with that?


i joined sharepro 360 and it was working fine for a month and now i cant download any songs at all plus they totally overcharged compared to the price they said they were going to take. if i have any advice for people looking to download music from these sites, it would be DONT. use a well named site.

Tara Smith

I downloaded 360 share pro and was working fine for about a week now i cant download anything. This is seriously a scam and everybody has been ripped off


I downloaded this program about 2 months ago and it worked great. i downloaded a bunch of songs, but about a week ago the program wouldn't let me in and it still doing it, so i don't know what to do.


i just joined this site 3 days ago the first night i used it it worked fine. but the next day it didnt work at all is there a way i can get my money back i also think they took more money out of my account


Same thing I downloaded 360 sharepro ,they deducted $54 from my account and I have yet to be able to download a single song . Ita a rip off , a scam DO NOT USE ,


Signed up for 360SharePro through a facade iTunes web site - went dead almost immediately, and NO customer support links worked. After cancelling the charges, I recieved a threatening e-mail from chargebacks@marketengines.com indicating that if I don't cancel the request, my report will be distributed to all online merchants at chargebackbureau.org, and that the information would be shared with "several credit bureaus worldwide".

Checking it out, I see that the thug service they provide costs the scammers a mere $10 per month. What a Country!

Advice - if you're looking for iTunes, be sure it's the Apple iTunes web site.

Ayres Ferreira Monteiro Junior

I payed $US50,00 and now I cant load the programn.
I tied to download again but nothing, I cnat.
I don't know what I can do.

Dr. Alain Schifferli

Depuis une semaine j'essaye de faire fonctionner ce programme, mais en vain.
J'ai payé 59.85 US$ pour l'utiliser et considère ça une escroquerie.

Dr. Alain Schifferli

Depuis une semaine j'essaye de faire fonctionner ce programme, mais en vain.
J'ai payé 59.85 US$ pour l'utiliser et considère ça une escroquerie.


I signed up to sharepro 360 a week ago, and so far I have no problems. They only charged me for what I signed up for. I have been able to burn any of the songs that I have downloaded. And I have been able to return to the site may times.


I signed up to the sham that is sharepro 360 about a month ago. Since then, I can't even use itunes or quicktime.
There's no way to get any customer support. what a waste of money. anyone know how I can get itunes running alongside this shabby program?

Buddy Patterson

I was trying to purchase BearShare & got 360ProShare. I wasn't thrilled about it but I tried it. Now I cannot launch the 360ProShare & I can't find any email address for it. I paid for the lifetime package, but I have only been able to use it for a month. Now nothing!!


i got stung good when i sighned up for this what a waste of time money and effort its time these kind of companys got the boot stuck into them for once

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