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Well...I have to do a project on Willie Gary for my 6th grade Social studies teacer, Mrs.Davis. I'm wondering if anyone knows any web sites that may help me.


My email address is Chicklet21209@yahoo.com


Rebecca: Thanks for reading. I'll e-mail you some information in a minute. Of course, Willie Gary is an honorary member of the Legal Underground, so you should look around on this site for awhile. There are plenty of posts about him. In fact, I was working on one today but didn't post it yet: "The Experienced Lawyer and the Law Student Debate Willie Gary and Dickie Scruggs." Look for that one next week.

If you want some mean stuff about Willie Gary, take a look at overlawyered.com. The people who write that website are not big fans of Willie Gary's, but you'll have to figure out why for yourself. Try this search on google: "Willie Gary site:www.overlawyered.com"

Finally, the best place to look for information about Willie Gary is at his website -- www.williegary.com Follow the links on his website to "media," where you'll find some good videos about him.

All this help I'm giving you (much more than I've given my own 6th grader tonight, by the way) isn't free. After you've turned your project in to Mrs. Davis, I want you to e-mail me a copy so that I can consider putting it on this website. You'll be the youngest guest writer, and the first to write about Willie Gary!


Am FEMI Mlford omotehinse. a nigerian indigene. am 23 years of age . a political science student. i was thrilled by his success. and all he is gone thru in life.after reading about him i reminisced that no matter what obstacle life might bring all remember that you can fly. how did he made it.


I'am trying to contact Mr. Willie Gary to introduce him to another great man,which is also my bishop/pastor, who would like to meet Mr.Gary.My bishop have several intrest that Mr.Gary also have,that i read in article in ebony magizine.My Bishop is also a pilot that is interested in the jets that Mr.Garry has,for the use of church ministry,we are a international ministry inwhich our Bishop flies around oversea and other states to help people such as cancer children that can't afford to get to far hospitals etc.Our church did own a plane but sold it that we could up grade to a jet to do more work.Not to try to toot my Bishop's horn,but he is also the Bishop over 5 states,AL,MS.KT.AK.LA. Louisiana is where we reside.My Bishop is such a humble man that he doesn't know i'am writing this letter,i just know that these two great men must meet.CAN YOU HELP ME? Not good with computors so you can contact me at 227 julian cir lafayette,la 70501 Thank you for reading.

Shelia Pratt

This is my first visit to the site I am trying to find
a address for mr. Gary and a
fax number I am in a four year battle with State Farm.
They are running a game on myself and other victims of
bad drivers covered by SF.
Carolinas are taking dangerous ride with SF

Chipo Margret

i would like to order some books about Willie's secrets to success and any magazines to subcribe.

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