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Ted Frank

Petty theft?

Pro bono proofread:
"In the meantime, links to some other things I’ve written about class actions can be found here."
"Meanwhile, here are links to some of my other writings on class actions." or, preferably,
"See, for example, my other posts on class actions."

Do the appellate judges say holdings should be limited to the facts of the case at hand? I thought that was a common criticism of Bush v. Gore that such an unusual statement was made.


This might explain why overlawyered is the best-edited weblog I know. (Though praise ends there.) As a testament to Ted's superior skills as a copyeditor, I am going to leave my "in the meantime" in the post for all to see. (If forced to make a change, I'd go with alternative #1.)


A friend found this year-old post googling for me (which tends to happen when one's name is in the title) and thought I was unduly obnoxious in my comment. If so, it wouldn't be the first or last time, and I apologize, but I think in this case the friend misunderstood that "pro bono proofread" was a reference to Evan's (now-expired) offer to pay his blog-readers for finding ways to improve the writing in his posts.

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