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Sarah Trombley

"A Measure of Endurance: The Unlikely Triumph of Steven Sharp, by William Mishler (Knopf 2003) follows..."

There ought to be a comma to close the appositive phrase "by William Mishler (Knopf 2003)". I.e.,

"Steven Sharp, by William Mishler (Knopf 2003), follows..."

or else

"*Steven Sharp* by William Mishler (Knopf 2003) follows..."

I know you said you would be reluctant to make awards for spotting punctuation errors, but that one's pretty unambiguous.


Sarah: I'm sort of torn. On the one hand, you're right. On the other, I said punctuation errors were not part of the deal. Here is my decision: although not obligated, I am going to send you $10 for your hard work. I corrected the post with alternative #1.


I just read this book and found it very inspiring. I would like to know more about the author, William Mishler - the book jacket says that he died in 2002, the same year the book was published. Is there any biographical information available on him? I would like to know what happened to him, and I'm curious as to how he came to write this book, since it had nothing to do with Scandanavian languages or poetry, or the University of Minnesota? KathyH52@aol.com if anyone has information.

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