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"without have to pay you very much" should be "without having to pay you very much"


Thanks, JG, but someone else pointed out the error about 20 minutes before you (as explained in my "Proofreader Alert" post). That reader also pointed out an additional typo in #13; both have been corrected. Anyway, the rule is that the first to point out the error gets the money, but I may change the rules if too many, like you, strike out only because you are too late.


2/5/04, 6:25 a.m. Another error was corrected in this post. In the last sentence, "she's beginning to thinks" was changed to "she's beginning to think."


In your response to the literary comment you link under 2., did you mean Andrew Marvel (some figure in U.S. advertising?) or Andrew Marvell?

(This question is offered free of charge - I'm on the wrong side of the Atlantic).


Ugh. Now I'm spreading my grievous errors onto *other* people's sites. I meant Andrew "Marvell," of course. Thanks for the freebie (though to be exact, my proofreading offer doesn't extend to comments I leave elsewhere).


In #10, above, you wrote: "You'll earn some money with this rule, since I frequently violate it."

I see no error here, but I do have a suggestion: Use "since" only when referring to a span of time; otherwise, prefer "because" (because "because" more precisely expresses what you mean). Now try to write another sentence where you can write "because" three times in a row. Now jump up and spin around and touch your toes!

See, you asked for writing "advice" and now you're just going to be in for it. Has anyone ever accused you of being the archetypal glutton for punishment?


Ambimb: I'm pretty much just archetypal. As for your suggestion, Garner says, "'Since' is less demonstratively causal and frequently has temporal connotations. But using 'since' without reference to time is not, despite the popular canard, incorrect." Finally, I can touch my toes only with great effort, and never after spinning around. (Despite being a runner, I'm not very limber.)

Nick Douglas

Because...because...because the world is round, it turns me on.
- Lennon

Norma Mendoza

You asked for it .
In Rule No. 3, you wrote "...with two days advance notice..."
This should be "...with two days' advance notice..." with an apostrophe after the "s" in "days."
Ms. Thistlebottom


Ms. Thistlebottom: Yes, I did ask for it. And it is astounding that you have found yet another error in this post, after so many sets of eyes have looked it over. On the other hand, it is likely that the previous readers who did not see an error in "two days advance notice" were relying on the usage adopted by Hollywood in the popular Sandra Bullock vehicle Two Weeks Notice. So was I. Today I note, however, that Garner states "[t]he idiomatic possessive should be used with periods of time." I suppose I should go with Garner over Hollywood and award you $10, although I am tempted to deduct $10 for your violation of the recent rule requiring you to put me on notice via e-mail rather than in the comments. You are a newbie, however, so it's okay. Please e-mail me for instructions for collecting your award.

David Yaseen

Although it's clearly implied, you're short a subject and a verb in: "$20 for each typographical error, $10 for each grammatical error, and $5 for each clever demonstration of how I can omit needless words."

[I extend to you] Props for the serial comma use, though.

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