How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Thanks :)

Pork Roll

Hey -- I didn't mean to steal your thunder. The name came to me while sitting in my crim class trying to think of a decent title. The blog was originally entitled Pork Roll Party (the writers are, for reasons that would comprise a long story in and of themselves, named after pork-related products), but I decided such a title would be stupid and confusing. Notes from the Underground is a favorite story of mine, and I thought Notes from the (1L) Underground would be a cool title, especially considering we were writing under pseudonyms. I do agree, however, that it looks suspicious, especially considering the location of the parenthetical. It's entirely possible that I had previously read your blog during my constant travels and the name stuck with me, to be recalled (unconsciously) later. I did see your blog (this weekend, in fact), but didn't think it would be a big deal, especially since I didn't think anyone would actually read our rantings. In short, I don't know whether you were "my source" or not, but I do apologize. I'm willing to rename the blog if you so desire. Porkroll.


Rename your blog? Completely unnecessary. Although a variation on the pork theme you suggested would have been cool too (I favor either "Pork-Related Blog" or "Three Little Pigs"; please feel free to use either if you'd like), you're quite welcome to share with me. After all, we're both cribbing from Dostoevsky.

Here's the real question: what were you doing in "crim class" thinking about blog titles, for God's sake? Let your mind wander like that, and some other warm body is going to be taking that cushy summer associate position you've been thinking about. Take it from me -- I know. I'd rather change the name of *my* blog than to see you have to spend a dreary summer in the library working for one of your professors. From now on, pay attention!

David Giacalone

Gee, counselor-to-be, ever hear of Google? [an easy way to try out names and see whether they've already been taken) It'll be ironic if we have a budding trademark lawyer here.

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