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Lure them in with state funded loan repayments. Sneaking in socialism, one taxpayer funded program at a time. I prefer the caps, granted there are some horrific stories of malpractice but the problem with frivolous lawsuits is getting to be equally horrific. I wish we could go to the "loser pays" system.


"Loser pays" is a subject for another (lengthy) post. As for caps, I'm skeptical to the extent they place the risk of screw-ups by doctors onto those who can least afford them. (By the way, one thing that the commentators around here never mention is that the legal fees that can be charged for med mal cases *are* capped in Illinois. Very rare, I think, but it hasn't changed insurance premiums. The insurance companies themselves are certainly part of the problem, but the doctors are --understandably-- afraid to criticize them.)

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