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Is it true that John Edwards sued Doctors over the issue of Cerebral Palsey being the fault of Doctors??????It truly is a genetic problem just like Down Syndrome and Autism.Truth is truth and getting rich on lies is disgusting.But God is our judge. kathy


The main cause of Cerebral Palsy is the lack of oxygen to the brain of the unborn baby. This same thing happened to my cousins son. The nurse was instructed to watch the fetal monitor and alert him of any changes. Instead the nurse left the room. The fetal monitor started showing signs of no oxygen getting to the brain and by the time the doctor came in and they rushed her in for a C-section it was too late. Brendan was born with cerebral palsy and will never walk or communicate normally.


A fetal monitor only records fetal heartbeat, and contractions. The monitor has no way of indicating whether there is any blood getting to the brain or not. The monitor shows the baby is in distress, by recording the hearbeat, which commonly speeds during contractions.

In the past, physicians and scientists attributed most cases of cerebral palsy to asphyxia or other complications during birth if they could not identify another cause. However, extensive research by National Institute of Neurological Disroders and Stroke scientists and others has shown that very few babies who experience asphyxia during birth develop encephalopathy soon after birth. Research also shows that a large proportion of babies who experience asphyxia do not grow up to have cerebral palsy or other neurological disorders. Birth complications including asphyxia are now estimated to account for about 6 percent of congenital cerebral palsy cases.

You can either listen to science, or listen to one person you know and feel strongly about. Donna, you are part of the reason that overwrought and emotional juries make high awards, and soon, no doctor will be able to afford the pratice of obstetetrics. Then we can go back to the days when women died in labor.

In Africa, where there is not access to skilled medical personnel, one in 16 women dies in labor. That statistic, from the UN, states that a woman giving birth in Africa, is 175 times more likely to die during childbirth. You would think, due to supposed modern birthing methods, that statistics would show a decrease in cerebral palsy, when in fact, it does not.

Never allow emotion to overcome reason, it leads to lunacy.

susan doran

while comments of this type contine, babies born with hypoxic ischeanic encephalopathy will never be given the compensation that is wrightfully theirs due to the basic negligence of the obstetric and paediatric teams that are supposed to be their to safegaurd the babies that would have been otherwise delivered safe and well. Doctors and others in the profession, are now not only denying their wrongdoing, but changing medical terminology so as not to implicate themselves. Well if you don't want to implicate yourself, then do no wrong and don't try to cover it up afterwards. Cerebral palsy is not a genetic problem and it's about time people were aware of the facts, and not assumptions.

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