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George Wallace

A most entertaining post, Evan, a puckish satire on contemporary mores.

DJ Dangermouse and his battles with the diligent/humorless representatives of the Apple Corps and EMI have taken on a life of their own in the blogosphere. One of your links links in turn to the Illegal-Art.org site, from which the entire Grey Album can be downloaded, but none of them appears to mention the "Grey Tuesday" online-disobedience project -- details at http://www.greytuesday.org -- in which a growing number of sites will be making the album available for download for 24 hours on February 24th.

Given the work's contested legality, does an attorney's mention of having obtained and listened to The Grey Album -- you and I are both implying that we may have done so -- create an appearance of impropriety?


Contested legality? Impropriety?

Let's see what subpoena-bearing nemesis can pry my Archos Jukebox from my cold dead fingers . . . Then you'll have your answer.

(In other news, I've granted a certain website permission to republish this post in full on Grey Tuesday. If it happens, I'll put a note here.)

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