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The Curmudgeonly Clerk

Much as I might like to be able to take credit for that opinion, I was a mere high school freshman when U.S. v. Abner was released. It's terribly unprofessional, but I would love to see an appellate clerk raise the bar a little higher. Perhaps, trying to weave Ozzy Osbourne song titles into a judicial opinion might present a greater challenge?


Okay, Clerk, you're back on the team. Too bad the team has about run its course, with our European bully having suddenly disappeared. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, please make sure you explain all the Talking Heads allusions in your not-to-be-missed post to Walter Olson and Ted Frank. Those guys weren't placed on the team because they're cool, you know. I'm letting them slide because they're a lot older than you and me. And they're great company for any defendant in a lawsuit.

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