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Sarah Trombley

I have developed an embarrassing tick...in my right eye

Ewww! That sounds more painful than embarrassing. He'd be better off with a *tic*, don't you think?


Sarah: My advice-seekers are always having trouble with those medical terms. And since I usually edit their letters for spelling and grammar before posting them--and did in this case, in fact--I feel it is my moral obligation to send you $20, in keeping with the spirit, if not the letter, of our agreement. I am also going to change the post so it reads "tic" rather than "tick." Thanks!


What exactly is this "agreement" that constitutes you paying other people $20? Is this some exclusive deal, or can us poor students join in?

Signed, Always trying to make a buck or twenty.


Justin: Glad you asked. The "agreement" can be found by looking in the right-hand column and following the link for "How You Can Make Money Reading this Blawg." As a way to keep this blawg error-free, I pay all volunteer copy-editors according to this schedule: $20 for typos, $10 for grammatical errors, and $5 for showing me how I can omit needless words. (I include as typos all intentional screw-ups resulting from my stupidity, such as the one in this post.) Please read the rules before participating. Also, I only care about my posts; comments are off-limits.

While some have said my "open source proofreading project" is a scheme to "pay people for reading," only three people regularly take my money. Please join them if you wish. Though I've been making fewer mistakes lately, I still have some sort of error in every three or so posts. I'd like to think I'll one day be able to do all the copy-editing myself, but I don't think this will ever happen. Writing and editing require the use of two different parts of the brain, and for me, they operate independently of the other, and always about eight hours apart. Those eight hours are your window of opportunity.

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