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David Giacalone

Thank you for provoking a massive episode of performance anxiety, Evan. Trying to be wittingly witty is trying indeed. Since George is so brilliantly disguised in his Fool persona, I'll let him go first.

Just last night, I promised myself to stop trying to be clever. Looks like it's working.

David Giacalone

P.S. Either your TrackBack or mine is out to lunch right now. You might want to check out Sour Notes from the Underground.


Don't know if anyone e-mailed you yet, but "career opportunity" is a Clash song (which by the way has been covered by Dropkick Murphys) and "brilliant disguise" is Springsteen.


It was me who was out to lunch. The trackback is working. I left a comment on your site and meanwhile, am working on a response to post here; I think I'll call it "Sour Grapes from the ethicalEsq." In my opinion, you're just pouting because you've never had a rock 'n' roll week at ethicalEsq. Let me tell you, it rocks! Our tenants in the offices next door keep telling me, "Turn it down!"

(That last is an allusion, by the way, to Zappa in "Joe's Garage," or to Dylan in "Highlands," or to my mother responding to the way I used to play my 1965 Fender Jaguar).

David Giacalone

You turn off your TrackBack while away from your computer!? Paranoia strikes deep.

Acoustically speaking, I'm glad you're not my next-door neighbor. So, who sang "Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose"? Mr. Google makes this stuff way too easy.


David: No, I don't turn off my trackback while I'm at lunch. Don't think I'd know how anyway.

Justin: You are correct, sir. Like shooting fish in a barrel, isn't it? Keep going if you want. No one's identified "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" and "Nobody's Fault But My Own" and "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll." (It seems Rock 'n' Roll Week is taking a back seat to Bashman's To-Do List, which is getting all the attention).

Anyway, take a stab at it. Get them right, and "J. Concurring in Dissent" will have a monopoly on the whole contest. Sounds like a good thing, but look out for the ethicalEsq; David G.'s not all about monopolies.


I know It's only Rock 'n' Roll is the Stones, but I'm not really sure about the other two.... I could Google them, but that's cheating. I'll have to delve into my music collection later and see if I can get them.


Justin: You are being much too hard on yourself. Who said you couldn't use Google? That wasn't one of the rules. Google away.


Even though it isn't a technical violation of the rules, it would be cheating to me. As the "legitimate" owner of over 10,000 tracks, I should have most of these songs. It is my duty to avoid studying contracts by flipping through my files looking for these titles. I'll leave Google for those without such prolific access to music, and important things to do with their time.


Justin: We will have to leave it to others to decide if your priorities are in the right place; I can't decide. By the way, I have quite a few "legitimate" tracks too.

George Wallace

I'm wondering if Justin, your correspondent who correctly identified "Career Opportunities" as a Clash song, is planning to specialize in criminal law? After all, the lyrics to that tune inform us that career opportunities, like the Los Angeles Police Department, are "the ones that never knock."

This boomer is feeling pretty proud of himself for knowing the origins of "Nobody's Fault But My Own" (and proud of you, Evan, for referring to it). That song is only about 5 years old, though it sure sounds older.

David Giacalone

If Justin has sufficiently absorbed lawyer thinking on fees, we might surmise:

1) he prefers not to use Google, because he is billing by the hour;

2) when he does choose to use Google, he will engage in "value billing" and charge at least as much as if he researched offline and charged by the hour;

3) he's hoping that exposure at this website will create a Justin Brand that allows an added bonus above value billing rates; or

4) he's in training to be a p/i lawyer, won't play unless he's certain to win, and wants the same big jackpot for easy answers as for really hard ones.

P.S. Hi, George. did you write the title for the album that includes "Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose"? It's: "If There Was a Way".


A couple of answers: (1) I actually am thinking about specializing in criminal law. (2) As a young 'un I will admit that I only knew about the clash song from the cover. (3) As for my thoughts on fees, I believe 1 and 3 are pretty correct. The addendum to 1 is that this gives me plenty of opportunity (and an excuse) to look at the entirety of my collection.

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