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David Giacalone

As Senior Partner, aren't you a bit concerned that the Junior Partner has so darn much time on his hands for weblogging and comment-mongering and monitoring? Some of us are starting to believe that p/i lawyers really don't do much to earn those big jackpots.

I'm trying to determine whether you or the wife of George Wallace will win my Sainted Weblawg Spouse of the Year Award. The two of you will surely meet in a special corner of heaven some day to compare notes.


You're right, I am a saint. While Evan is busy writing, here is what he isn't doing: getting the salt off my car, cleaning the yard of the winter leaves, and completing the spring fertilization. However, as I work in the yard, he does poke his head outside every now and then to suggest I come inside. "Remember, you're seven months pregnant," he says, as if I could forget.

But I would like to make one clarification. Evan works very hard and usually gets up at 4 or 5 a.m. As a p/i lawyer, he is as dedicated to his clients as he is to his writing.

Andrew Zangrilli


I offered to feature some posts by David Giacalone in FindLaw, but he turned me down.
So I had to ask Evan.

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