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As for that braggadocios young associate

'Braggadocio' is a noun. 'Braggadocios' is the plural. If you must make it an adjective, it'll be 'braggado*cious*.' So that should be either:

As for that braggadocio...


As for that braggadocious young attorney...

Did you know it was from Spenser? I didn't.



Sarah: Thanks for the correction. I wish I could say it was a typo, but my spellchecker "fixed" that for me; then I looked it up without paying attention to the definition. Per the standard agreement, the $10 I owe you is on the way.


"With the skills at memorization I’d learned in law school" is somewhat awkward. A better wording would be "With the memorization skills I acquired in law school."


Justin: I appreciate your comment. I am truly a fool for doing a lengthy post like this and challenging readers--in my open source copyediting project, the details of which can be found in the link on the right side of the blawg--to find my errors. The post was published at 1 a.m., and I already had five e-mails by 2 a.m. (I was sleeping, by the way.) This morning I made corrections that cost me $35. Not that I'm complaining; I'm glad I have a well-edited blog, thanks to people like you.

As for your suggestion, I'm not sure. Someone has already notified me by e-mail that "skills at memorization" is incorrect; I should have written "skills of memorization." Remember, if your suggestion doesn't have to do with typos, grammatical errors, or "omitting needless words," then it's free. I think your suggestion is in the free category. As for whether I should change it, I employ an "embarrassment test," meaning I ask myself whether I am embarrassed to keep the post "as is" without a change. With the particular sentence you have criticized, I'm not embarrassed, but perhaps I should be, since you are the second one to comment.

To demonstrate my friendly and generous nature, I'm going to change the post to read "with the memorization skills I learned in law school." (I don't like your suggestion of the word "acquired" in the sentence.) I will also give you $10, although I don't think I rightfully owe you anything. Please e-mail your address.


I agree with you that it belongs in the free category, though thank you for the offer. I just stumbled over it while reading the post, hence the suggested correction.

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