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George Wallace


I surely wish I was still a law student, so that I could claim the prize with this first comment. You've chosen a song title from the second-best album by one of my favorite artists.

Will you be offering extra credit to the first law student who can also identify the greying rock eminence -- associated more than somewhat with the source of your first rock'n'roll post title, infra -- who recently covered this tune?


George: "All the rock titles that are fit to print, or at least that fit," as they say.

The question you pose in your second paragraph was a difficult one. Google didn't help me much. I think I've identified a somewhat faithful cover of the song in question by a crooner from days past, although I'm not sure if I've nailed it down . . . am I on the right track?

David Giacalone

I first learned about this "sorry" program from an article cited a few weeks ago at this weblog, which appears to be written by one of those rabid-dog plaintiff's lawyers.

According to the newspaper article, a purportedly "grassroots" pro-lawyer group:

[W]ill propose a program called "Sorry Works." It is based on a program at a hospital in Lexington, Ky, whereby the hospital quickly notifies patients or next of kin of medical errors, offers an apology and provides a settlement up front.

A study showed that the hospital reported a decrease in lawsuits, size of settlements and associated defense costs, a spokesman said.

P.S. Do you allow baby-boomer law students to participate in your contests? Seems like they might have an unfair advantage.

P.P.S. Please remind George that he indeed "was" a law student, but currently wishes he "were" one.

George Wallace

Evan, you are indeed on the right track -- track 9, to be exact -- and as tears go by and I lament that I have become something of a broken English major, I will insist (unconvincingly) for David's sake that my error in grammar was merely an attempt at southern dialect, as in "I wish I was in the land of cotton . . . "

David Giacalone

George, If you were trying to adopt a genuine southern dialect, wouldn't you have to say "If I was a G.E.D. student . . ."? [Just a joke!]

I used to think that practicing lawyers with weblogs were very busy all day. I wonder if their wives know how much spare time they seem to have for e-banter.

David Giacalone

Okay, it's me again, but it's your fault, Evan. I've been going nuts all day trying to remember a song I once liked and knew very well, that had the same theme as the subject of this post.

It finally came to me a couple minutes ago - the chorus of Long White Cadillac, performed circa 1989 by Dwight Yoakam (written by Dave Alvin):

Sometimes I blame it on a woman The one that made my poor heart bleed Sometimes I blame it on the money Sometimes I blame it all on me

The song's apparently about Hank Williams, but it could certainly be a lawyer's lament.


David: Or a doctor's?

By the way, thanks for the comments. You and George are both very able commentors. (I know it's not a word.) As for Hank Williams, he will be a very welcome addition to country music week. Look for it sometime next year. (During country music week, the title of this post, if adapted from the backlist of Hank Williams, could have been, "I'm Sorry For You, My Friend.")

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