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This is Elvis Costello. Similarly named is "Running out of Days" by 3 Doors Down.


Justin: You are correct. Also keep in mind the similarly-titled songs "A Fool in the Rain" by Led Zeppelin and "Odd Fellow Local 151" by REM.


I see the similarity of "A Fool in the Rain" but "Odd Fellow Local 151??????"


The correct title is "Odd Fellows Local 151." It was considered as a title for this post, which begins with a discussion of eccentricity.

Eccentricity = "fool" = "odd fellow"

I don't fault you for not understanding my insanity.

George Wallace, aka A Fool

The mysterious recent decrease in the supply of Fools, to which your post title alludes, is all part of my master plan to increase the demand for my weblog. I learned this technique from observing the petroleum industry here in Sunny Southern California, land of $2.27 regular unleaded.


George: Yes, fools are in short supply. I'm trying to do my part by behaving foolishly. Of course, as you point out, this increase in supply may have the effect of decreasing demand for your blog, Fool in the Forest. But if we act in concert, maybe we can corner the market in fools. Then we can act as monopolists and increase the demand for both our blogs. Or something like that.

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