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I sympathize with Tiger. Nonetheless, consider this statement he makes: "I have used coarse language in my writings as such were not meant for public consumption."

I don't see how one can publish one's words on a forum accessible to literally the entire planet with a few clicks of the button, using a real name and identity, and still have an expectation of.. what.. privacy?

David Giacalone

I just sent Tiger an email with the exact sentiments in it as those expressed by UCL. If nothing else, it makes me think that Tiger might need a little more common sense before deciding to run for County Attorney.


Lesson to be learned: don't run for public office in the USA.

That said, I think the criteria people use for deciding whether someone is fit for public office in the USA are completely idiotic. Your sex life when you were 13 (note: I didn't read the original text of the weblog) or your propensity to use "coarse" language or your having gotten a blowjob from an intern has absolutely nothing to do with your fitness for public office.

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