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There's no place prettier than Maine in June. And I can take everyone on a sailing tour of Casco Bay. Hell, why not Penobscot Bay if it doesn't have to be real. It's much prettier there. And since it's virtual, everyone can fit on my boat, which will be a lovely way to travel. We'll have a well-stocked motorboat travelling with us to get to the next cove ahead of us, anchor, cook our meals and have drinks and hors d'oeuvres waiting when we arrive.


Scheherazade: An excellent suggestion. Even though the virtual retreat will be a "working" getaway (mostly for tax purposes), I think the sailing tour of Penobscot Bay will fit nicely into the plans. On the other hand, since I've never been to Penobscot Bay, I fear taking a turn down a Matrix-like blind alley, never to return. I'm definitely going to add your idea to my list, but it may not come to fruition until you conduct your own virtual retreat (though there's no reason our two blogs can't team up for Virtual Retreat No. 2).


May I suggest beautiful St. Louis, Missouri. Now I realize that this is not too far of a retreat for you, Evan, but in St. Louis we could attend a virtual tour of the Anheuser Busch brewery, and the virtual tour guides would let us have an extra cup of that fine lager beer.


Dave: I agree that St. Louis is beautiful, except in those places where it's not beautiful. Is that a slam? Maybe so, even though I love St. Louis (I grew up there, and work just across the river). In any case, you have nothing to worry about: there'll be plenty of fine Anheuser Busch products where we're going.

David Giacalone

For those who don't even have time for a virtual Evan retreat, may I suggest checking out this one-minute vacation website. A new 60-second vacation is added every Monday.

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