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David Giacalone

Prof. Yabut hopes the "Law and the Movies" book comes out soon (he already has a shelf-full of them). What really annoys Yabut is the smell of microwave popcorn at the office. Any suggestions on that problem, Mr. Schaeffer?


Prof. Yabut: It would be unfair to my many other correspondents if I took your problem "out of turn" by dealing with it in a comment. I can say, however, that I understand your objections to microwave popcorn, especially when it gets caught between the teeth of fellow office-workers. Microwave popcorn is ubiquitous, however, so the only way to escape it is by finding a job in a foreign country such as Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, or Canada. (Another solution is to intentionally break the microwave, but it will most likely be replaced within the week by the hungry office staff.)

David Giacalone

Thankyou for taking me out of turn, sir. I just heard on NPR that today is Shakespeare's birthday and that he coined the phrase "too much of a good thing." Although I would never otherwise associate the phrase with this weblog, it is definitely appropriate for the odor of microwave popcorn -- its ubiquitousness has turned one of my favorite aromas into something that almost makes me want to "blog."

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