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David Giacalone

Having written Ten Serious Rules (which we shall seriously take to heart), please give us Ten Entertaining Rules, Mr. Schaeffer. If we wanted boring homilies, we'd go here.


David: I shall begin working on the The Ten Entertaining Rules, but I am being slowed down by your demand that I resume, on this blawg, our previous discussion about contingency fees.

I am looking forward to resuming the discussion, though I trust that when I do, you'll criticize my comments based on substance alone, not on style or tone. This is a roundabout way of saying: I don't think there's any way I can make contingency fees entertaining.

But you asked for it!

David Giacalone

Actually, watching a p/i lawyer try to justify the standard contingency fee sounds pretty entertaining to me. [And, note, I do NOT oppose all contingency fees -- just ones that are unreasonably high and applied without taking the risk of the particular client's case into account.]

Your Underground fans probably would rather not deal with the topic here, but can put your defense of contingency fees on one of your serious websites.

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