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Robert Schwartz

A little bird was sitting in a tree when an ice storm came along, knocked it to the ground and covered it with a layer of ice. The bird was lying on the ground freezing to death when a horse came along and dumped a huge load of fresh hot manure on it. The manure's warmth melted the ice and caused the bird to revive. Feeling revived, the bird began to chirp. A passing cat heard the chirping bird, pounced on it, and ate it. The moral of the story is: not everybody who dumps on you is your enemy, not everybody who gets you out of manure is your friend, and if you're sitting in a manure pile, don't sing.


I am annoyed that Awful in Atlanta didn't provide the lyrical content of the song in his post. I love that song and often find myself playing it in the office whenever I wish to write a particulary vituperative posting on tla. Another great office song is the live version of Ministry's Stigmata. Hey did you see that AWTDWG fired Skippy. Maybe they're back.


Kevin: Actually, "Awful in Atlanta" did provide the lyrical content of the song (at least some of it), but Gunshy in Godfrey (that's me) edited it out. Sorry.

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