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Brother Lee

It seems you are not alone and my comments are now here:-


Here is the last one I posted on that above site:-


Also as promised I have now also done this:-


So hopefully now anyone that types in, as my site now carries some weight and is growing fast, will maybe find that and maybe more than think twice about joining them.

Thanks all anyway, wish you the best, love Brother-Lee.


I recenly joined and paid for the easymusicdownload.com service. I have been able to download and burn music with this service, however it takes about 12-24 hours for the songs to actually download and about half of them NEVER even make it to the point of actually downloading. Basically what I mean to say is DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, unless you intend on sitting at your computer 24 hours a day,only to find that it was all a waste of your time. I'm sorry that I found out the hard way. -Corey

Roger Phillips


I have just been taken in by easymusicdownload!

I paid my money (£50 - nearly $100 - they converted to sterling as I am in UK and I did not notice) and have spent the last two days trying to download music and film. As you can guess I did not succeed. Going back into Google to try to find an email or mailing address or telephone number to contact to try to solve my problems I came across your site and others of a similar nature.

I can now see I have been turned over.

Are you able to give me an update on the present position?



Mick Allsopp

Hi yes you can guess I am another mug who has been conned by easymusicdownload
I have tried for two days to download music.Then I tried to contact them with out success.
Thanks for the information.

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