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Grisham didn't write the "King of Torts" just to make a buck? That's probably the second-worst book I've ever finished, behind "Digital Fortress" by Dale Brown.


Steve: Interesting you should say that. The last time I posted about John Grisham, I wrote, "I'm still angry about the way he distorted the law of mass torts in The King of Torts." I'm not sure why you didn't like the book, but I didn't like it, first and foremost, because it was factually inaccurate times a factor of 100.


Evan, that's exactly why I didn't like it, and combined with a ridiculous premise, paper-thin characters and the usual Grisham literary technique, it made for one very contemptible piece of hackwork. I'm not even sure why I finished save for the in-for-a-penny... theory.


Which Grisham books are factually accurate? I can think of two off the top of my head where the plot turns on a decision by a state court judge to deny a motion to remove to federal court.


Ted: You're right that my complaint wasn't well expressed. I should have said that with some Grisham books, I'm able to "willingly suspend my disbelief," as the phrase goes, and get through the books without focusing on how incredible (in the sense of impossible) the plot is. I wasn't able to do that with The King of Torts. Additionally, Grisham used the novel to dramatize some criticisms of the nation's legal system which however well-intentioned didn't come off because they were based on untrue factual assumptions. When you write your novel expressing the same criticisms, I expect you'll do much better.

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