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Of course, as overlawyered has documented (and as I have commented in part on this blog previously--what was that about not "discriminat[ing] against other points of view by simply ignoring them"?),

(1) medical malpractice insurance rates are directly correlated to medical malpractice payout rates;

(2) non-economic damages caps reduce medical malpractice insurance rates;

(3) while tort reform (opposed by trial lawyers) in Missouri and Illinois requires plaintiffs to pass a fairly low preliminary hurdle before bringing a malpractice case, the majority of other states permit an attorney to name a doctor in a shotgun complaint with impunity; and

(4) among many other errors in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution op-ed too numerous to mention here, the author appears to be unaware of the study demonstrating that non-economic damages caps improve the quality of healthcare available to the poor by (a) reducing the amount of healthcare costs spent on lawyers and (b) eliminating a prime cause of doctor flight.




Relax, folks! It only looks like comment spam. Ted's actually quite welcome here, as proven by the fact that I even include a link to overlawyered on the right side of my blawg. (Can't say the same of overlawyered, but it's not my policy to complain about links.)

And Ted, I didn't discriminate against your point of view--I allowed you, by keeping my comments open, to put your views on my blawg. I didn't ignore them but considered them, and I'm sure others did as well.

Anyway, I invite readers to read my post, read the links within it, read overlawyered, do some independent research, and draw their own conclusions.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a piece along the lines of "A Trial Lawyer's Guide to Reading Overlawyered," which is on a back burner in my busy publishing kitchen at the moment, but which will hopefully appear here soon.


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