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TPB, Esq.

Gunning for a comment spam class action?


TPB: Helping to stanch the flow of that crud, is how I like to think of it.


My host has unlimited bandwidth.


Kevin: Actually, I don't know that much about bandwidth, understanding it mostly to be something that Will Baude at Crescat Sententia is continually running out of. But since Crescat doesn't have comments, Will's problem must stem from something other than comment spam.

On the other hand, Kevin, are you arguing that a tortfeasor cannot convert something that belongs to A, just because A's supply of that something is unlimited? That doesn't sound right to me. I'll add the issue to my list of urgent research questions.


I was responding to the Comment Spammer's comments, actually.


Kevin: Gotcha. But you still raised an interesting point, even if that wasn't your intention. As for the "Comment Spammer's comments"--that's something else that's troubling me. Was the comment I quoted in the post actually comment spam? When I first read it, I had trouble believing SBC would stoop so low, but it certainly seemed that it had. Then the alleged comment spammer himself denied it, saying in an e-mail that he was merely urging me to consider a switch.

Coincidentally or not, last night I got hit by more comment spam than ever before--six separate comments, each containing at least 15 links. It must have taken awhile to type that stuff in; I took particular delight in deleting the comments, hopefully before Google saw it. None mentioned SBC, by the way.


Comment Spam? Probably. Maybe SBC has an affiliate program. Always check for the referrer ID which will confirm your suspicion. Look at my example -- WebHost4Life -- you can either scroll over my example and peek at your status bar or right click, 'copy shortcut' and paste.

15 links. Simple. Just create the comment once and copy and paste it over and over.

I agree that comment spam sucks, but I'm not sure its conversion (whether limited or unlimited) ... we may need your team to draft some new legislation.

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