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What are your feelings about wheels on briefcases? I feel that personal bags-on-wheels are one of the best inventions of the 20th century, but I am not sure how these might fit within the lawyer briefcase domain.

It's these little details that I don't think they tell you about in law school, so I am pleased to be able to think ahead on the difficult and practical decisions I will one day face.


frm: You are right that choosing a briefcase is a very difficult decision, and right to be thinking about the problem well in advance of graduation. As for wheels, they always make me slightly nervous that the briefcase, having come undone from the grip of my hand, might roll away from me, possibly into oncoming traffic. More than one well-intentioned lawyer has been run over and killed trying to retrieve a runaway briefcase. So I'd avoid wheels if possible.


That's funny. I distinctly recall, the last time I went to the State Supreme Court of New South Wales (Australia) for court observation, seeing quite a number of lawyers pulling bags-on-wheels around. Perhaps it's different down here on the other side of the world.

Perhaps I should look more carefully at my future briefcase purchase, too. I was considering a nice black bag-on-wheels simply because it seemed eminently practical, given that I don't have the brawn of Arnie, but the thought of being squished by a bus or a pickup truck while trying to retrieve my briefcase does sound intimidating.

Thank you for this wonderful piece of advice.


This is a wonderful Lawyer Briefcase comment spam.


Lashlar, maybe it's the Coriolis effect that makes wheelie bags a safer option in Australia.


This piece reached new hilarity-inducing heights of slapstick comedy. Thanks!


I never thought that the words lawyer & briefcase in the same sentence, can actually make me smile a little.

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