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Larry the Longhorn

Thanks for the link. One small note, however: Larry is a she. Carry on :)


Larry: It's something they taught us the first day at Blogger University--never make assumptions about another blogger's gender. Sorry!


Evan, still looking at your archives.

I did some research re AT&T and its billing rates. When I went to see if the information was archived at the WBM, I learned that AT&T blocks web crawlers, thereby preventing its information from being archived. See here,

However, after further exploration I found this page (May 28, 2002): http://web.archive.org/web/20020603140138/www.consumer.att.com/callatt/about.html where AT&T says:

"Where can I get the rates for 1 800 CALL ATT?
There's only a low, simple rate for all your state-to-state calls. That's the beauty of it! Plus, you get the convenience of calling from any phone. For the state-to-state and in-state rates, call Customer Service at 1-800-222-0300."

Not a damning admission. But I do not see how .99 per minute is "a low, simple rate." Also, "a low, simple rate" is singular: if it were plural it would say "low, simple rates." If they tack on charges, then this representation would not be true, correct?

If you haven't played with the WBM, or soople, or tinyURL, check out my post here:

Me again

I read the W&V post and he sure does make it sound like AT&T charges "rates" that are high rather than a low simple, low rate. Also, my links didn't post correctly, so I made them tinyURLs.



at&t sucks. they have poor customer service. i spoke to 9 different people from 9 different countries with 9 different opinions. i have written 2 different letters and attempted to go online to complain about my plight. i am totally frustrated with them!

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