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Rufus T. Firefly

Thanks for the encouragement. I especially apprecaited the e-mail the other night. Note that I have changed the e-mail address because I inadvertantly allowed my real name to be displayed. As I've said before and will say again, I am an Idiot (Dostoyevsky reference. I figured it was in keeping with the theme of your ... well, whatever. I'm overeducated and insecure, so I need to show it off. Sorry). I hope to be able to keep it going. We will see what happens. As for running out of material, I think not for quite some time. But I've always said that the smartest thing the Sex Pistols ever did was breaking up after one brilliant album. Overstaying your welcome -- yeah I'm looking at you Mick Jagger and Keith Richards -- is something that I want to avoid.


Rufus: If you're going to be anonymous, you better go all the way. Allowing your real name to be displayed on your e-mail will never do. As for the Sex Pistols, you're right about them too: the smartest thing they ever did was to break up. (Easy cheap shot.)

Rufus T. Firefly

I meant on the original Yahoo account I set, not the new one. As for the Sex Pistols dig, watch it, or I'll be forced to advocate that the best "tort reform" idea is that a plaintiffs' attorney can earn no more in a year than an average insurance defense attorney in the same geographic area.


Rufus: God save the Queen!!

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