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I saw that a couple of days ago and it was plainly obvious it was fake from the first entry I read. It was kind of funny reading the earnest comments from people congratulating him on starting a blog. I guess it's not different from the people who sometimes think they're emailing GWB when they visit WhiteHouse.org, although it looks like more people are catching on recently.

Pat Curley

It's rapidly moving up my list of favorite blogs. Whoever's writing it definitely has a feel for Clinton's speaking style and his whining self absorption. Yeah, it's fake, but it's really well done. I especially enjoy the ongoing subplot about "curly".


It's definitely funny. And popular too. You can follow the "sitemeter" button at the button of the blog to the web page that displays its stats--lots of readers.


that blog was just closed down March 31, it was reincarnated on Apr 3 and revanished shortly thereafter. my guess is that its analysis of world events beca, es serious that it became really hard to recognize it as a fake. for example: the post about the recent events in Lebanon received around 50 comments.

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