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You must know different lawyers than I do, because most lawyers I know dislike the law, and are always looking for "the one" so they can retire.


I'd have to agree... my wife is an attorney, and she enjoys the work, but she has her own practice. The *vast* majority of her friends and colleagues who are attorneys did everything they possibly could to dissuade me from going to law school. Most of them are downright miserable and very unsatisfied in their jobs. Granted, many of them are with larger firms, but still, the degree of job dissatisfaction was just staggering.

And job dissatisfaction for lawyers does seem to be higher than many professions. I've seen survey results showing 35-40% of all lawyers wouldn't choose to become lawyers again or are thinking of leaving the profession.

I think one of the reasons that could be is that many people go straight to law school after their undergraduate degrees. It seems to be one of the "logical next steps" to becoming an "adult". But they don't *really* contemplate what a legal career means. I'm not a typical law student: I'm 32, have been working professionally for over a decade, and have had the luxury of experience working both in the corporate world and in several businesses I've founded. My hope is that I've gained at least a little insight into what I enjoy (career wise) over the years, and that my wisdom (or naiveté) will pay off...


It's good to hear that you enjoy your job. I've also heard from several attorneys who could probably walk away from the law and never think twice about it, so I think it's good for law students, like myself, to see the other side.


Isn't there any advise for law students who are determined to finish law school, but are just as determined to use their law degree for something else? Humanities? Philosophy prof.?

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