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Rufus T. Firefly

Yeah, been there. How about this: Senior Partner: "I'm taking some clients to a football game tonight, we're leaving at 5:00." You arrive at the stadium and he says, "thanks for the ride, you don't have to pick me up, Len will drive me home. See ya on Monday." This is the same partner who had our ace paralegal do all the paperwork for his son's medical school applications. And they wonder why I left the Evil Defense Firm for life in the Ginormous Corporate Entity.


I came to this site through a Google search for "different types of lawyers". Although it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, my time has not been illspent. As for the question at the top of the page- "Can lawyers be entertaining?" I've read some of this website and think the answer is definitely "yes".

Now I have a question of my own. Since this seems like a place with some people qualified to give serious advice about law, I ask you all "Are all lawyers overworked and incredibly stressed out?"

I'm a college student interested in law, but while working at a medium sized law firm over semester break every partner seemed to be constantly grumpy. Are there types of law that allow the attorney to live a more relaxed lifestyle with time for a family? Or is this profession doomed to high blood pressure and an obsession with money?

Thanks for your thoughts...

Priscilla Fuentes

IM a people person would a lawyer job be for me or would i fit in another category???? do you think its good for me??


This is a full service weblog, but not that full service. I'll leave career counseling to the professionals. I suggest taking a look at that "What Color Is Your Parachute" book, which is still selling lots of copies. Buy one of those and help make its author richer. If you demand an opinion from me, I'll give you one: "People persons" are well-suited to the law, but they also make great massage therapists. Good luck!


i came to this site looking for differnt types of lawyers, and while entertainig, this site did no have what i was looking for


I have no doubt that your complaint is a common one. My apologies.


I would like to become a lawyer, but I'm not sure if you would have to work alot like on weekends to get a desent pay. Do you?


Answer to Maggie b/c I'm sure Evan is busy :)
Most lawyers have a flat fee and additional work is billed by the hour. But being as you're working on a court schedule, to finish what needs to be done before a deadline pops up, weekend working isn't uncommon. If you're turned off by the idea of sacrificing a late night movie or a Saturday sleep-in, this may not be the career path for you.

That was awesome! I was a briefcase carrier as a legal secretary working my way through Pre-Law, but used that to establish a relationship with the partner, who then helped me get into GSU's School of Law. So it's not always a bad thing, although I do imagine that it wouldn't be quite as beneficial to another lawyer, lol.


Billable hours, Clients, Deadlines.. always keeping the good name of 'the firm'..
this seems so similar to my profession.. Accountancy. i work at an accounting firm and it is very similar to law firms.. except CPAs have to be really smart with numbers and tax laws.. as i am a tax associate. working at a CPA firm is no joke.. i work at KPMG .. and im workin weekends.. sundays.. ugh.. it better pay off when im partner

Carolee Dupar

very funny, hope my lawyers career doesn't end that way

Kaye Wolf

One of my earliest assignments as an engineer was to follow around a brilliant senior scientist at IBM. To this day I swear that my only job was to keep him from setting himself on fire when he would absentmindedly place his cigarette in his breast pocket. However, as a young Black female engineer, having an IBM Senior Scientist vouch for certainly helped my career. I have since held both the titles of Senior Scientist and Senior Electrical Engineer.

From where I sit, if the Senior Partner is worthy enough for you to want to learn from, you should be humble enough to carry his or her briefcase.

[Then again, law is so different!]

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