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re: old post accessibility.... maybe, maybe not. :-) My faithful desktop of the last four years died, and I can get it to turn on maybe 25% of the time before it freezes.

when my desktop started dying over the course of the last semester, I started making back-ups, so I have most of my law school notes. The difficulty starts when you try transferring files spat out by a Windows ME machine (old compy) to a Windows XP machine (new compy). XP doesn't like ME's fingerprints on *anything*. I can't even get XP to recognize my old compy on our home network...

Federalist No. 84

My future employer (I graduate in Dec. '04) thinks blogging is a great idea. He does a 2-hour radio show and thinks the internet is another great way to reach prospective clients. and generate referrals. I feel sorry for people whose bosses do not recognize the power of the internet.

Matt Schuh

My thoughts on Fahrenheit 9/11:



Re: the post about billing and conference calls.

Of course, to avoid a conference call being non-billable, the billing sheet would say: "1 hour - litigation strategy session with senior partner."


C&F: That's right. But if you want to follow good billing form, you should begin the entry with a verb, cast in the present tense: "4.7, Attend conference call re placement of comma in second sentence of response to plaintiff's Interrogatory 3; review interrogatory 3 and the draft response in preparation for same; participate in same by suggesting striking the comma altogether; revise interrogatory 3 at the conclusion of the conference call by replacing comma with semi-colon, as suggested by co-defendant's counsel from Los Angeles." Or something like that.

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