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Happy Birthday!

Yvonne DiVita

Forty is fabulous. What does just around the corner mean? Are you a Leo? You shine like one. Love your blog! May I put you on my list of future interviews on Lip-sticking? Meanwhile, enjoy your birthday. You have many, many fun years ahead...and remember, as Bette Davis liked to say, Old age ain't for sissies. (course, she thought fifty was old, but trust me, it isn't!)


DG and Yvonne: Thanks for the birthday thanks. As for your questions, Yvonne, "just around the corner" means next month. (I was in New York this week and unable to keep up with the blog, so I had to use a post planned for a little later.) As you suspected, I'm a Leo. And yes, you can put me on your list--only keep in mind that my time is running out. Although I hear what you're saying about "many fun years ahead," my oldest daughter just got her driving permit. And she expects me to ride beside her. So you see what I mean . . .

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