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David Giacalone

Dear Mr. Schaeffer:

I'm not from around there. I almost never say shucks. But, I do live in a hellhole.

Any chance I can get one of those "class representative" jobs? If not, any chance I have an employment discrimination claim?

s/unemployed in schenectady

p.s. Back in my school days, the class representative were all a$$ h*les. Is that a protected class?

Federalist No. 84

A nice return to humor! I didn't understand David Giacalone's "legal battleground" joke until I dug deeper into the archives. Since I've been readining your blawg I haven't seen any riddles. What's up with that? I want the chance at winning a bound copy of your world-famous monograph.

Rufus T. Firefly

Well, Farmer, are you the only one similarly situated? Are others also working for this firm, or other firms, playing the same role and being forced to allow their farms and their businesses to suffer? If so, you may want to consider a class action suit against the class action lawyers. If properly handled, you and your compatriots will win in the millions, and by "millions" I mean coupons for a half-hour of free legal advice from the defendants.


Federalist: Thanks. And if you stay tuned, you may have a chance someday to win a copy of my "monograph," by which you must mean my article about multiparty commercial arbitration with 100+ footnotes. If you can't wait to read it (and this would be perfectly understandable, since you see to like humor), you can find a copy in your law library.

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