How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground)

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Jeremy R.

LOL :)

Rufus T. Firefly

I agree with Evan, you are obviously a very self destructive young lawyer if you are allowing the oddities of a senior partner to distract you from the task of doing a first rate job on the memorandum so as to win the case, make the senior partner look good, and thereby increase his wealth and power, which will then allow him to behave in even more bizarre ways. Indeed, I have yet to know a senior partner who is not in his own way full blown crazy. You're going to just have to suck it up, such is a life in the law. However, if it appears that the senior partner is about to go completely off the deep end -- such as contemplating a fourth marriage to 25 year-old named Amber and not geeting a prenuptial agreement -- you may want to consider polishing up the old resume because when she leaves him for her pilates instructer and takes 75% of his money you will see some real insane behavior as he embarks on a mission to rebuild his portfolio.

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