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I thought Ditka was a joke too... I mean, that just smacks of desparation! However, I thought that give there was a primary process, and that Jim Oberwise came in second, that logically, the Republican Party should make him their candidate. Not doing so seems to show some contempt for the democratic process. Oh, well... it's fun to watch the media circus.


With the buzzsaw that Barack Obama is turning into, and now with the keynote at the DNC I don't think even Ditka could stop that momentum.


Hmm.. I could move across the River and run.


musclehead: I suspect you'd be a tad too liberal for the Illinois Republican Party. I'd support you, though.


Obama is something else. He's one of the new generation, reminds me of John Edwards or maybe Reagan. Always smiling, making happy- sort of doesn't matter what he stands for.

Chicago media is suggesting the ice cream guy, Oberweis(sp?)will take the torch. Only problem is that Oberweis was trounced by Ryan in the primaries, after he made some Michael Savage-esque comments about "illegals." Perhaps that plays on talk radio or in the Southwest, but Illinois(at least the Chicago collar counties the GOP depends on) doesn't go for that. He should have just shut-up and focused on smaller gov't, lower taxes and the like.

More Ditka: Sen. Fitzgerald says he still thinks Ditka would of won... I think he's right too. Rule by entertainer, great to be alive, let's hope nothing important ever needs to be decided by our elected officials.


But I used to be a Republican. Though being one in Massachusetts is very different than being one 'round these parts. I left the GOP in 1995, after the Contract on America and Newt took over.
And to think I actually worked on a US Senate race that year and could have gone to Washington with the crazy moralists. What fun that would have been.

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